Rehabilitation, re-strengthening and retrofitting

Wisdom Techseal Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized consultant in rehabilitation of old and heritage buildings. Re-strengtheningof an old structure such as a heritage building or bridge is not a simple task and needs to be dealt with special care to avoid accidents. Over the last few years, the construction industry has seen an increased amount of accidents that could have been avoided by re-strengthening the structure. Deformities in a structure is caused by following poor construction practices, increase in loads and design inadequacies. The following methods can be used to strengthen the structure providing desired strength.

Professional Experience

Fibre wrap system

In India, majority of the structures are designed for gravity loading and are more susceptible for damages during a natural disaster. Majority of the Indian building stock is located in an active seismic action area that has increased the use of GFRP or CFRP. Fibre-wrap system is a robust system used to re-strengthen structures by supplementing them with the necessary strength to withhold excessive loads.

Epoxy treatment

The combination of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener produces a liquid epoxy coating that transforms into a extremely durable and hard substance. This method of supplementing structures with the desired strength is favourable as it can withstand extreme temperature and is the most easy to apply option on concrete and steel.

Concrete treatment

Concrete repair is one of the oldest method used to strengthen the concrete elements of a structure. A deformity in the structure after a certain time occurs because the previous assigned team failed to follow proper construction methods, used inappropriate vibration techniques, or failed to provide ample time for the concrete to cure.

Injection grouting

This process requires a crew of highly-skilled people possessing the expertise of working with high-tech machines used for cleaning and grouting. Grout of appropriate strength is selected after analyzing the deformities in the structure followed by the selection of suitable equipment to perform the grouting.