Rehabilitaion, re-strenghtening, and retrofitting

Rehabilitation, re-strengthening and retrofitting:

Wisdom Techseal Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized consultant in rehabilitation of old and heritage buildings. Re-strengtheningof an old structure such as a heritage building or bridge is not a simple task and needs to be dealt with special care to avoid accidents. Over the last few years, the construction industry has seen an increased amount of accidents that could have been avoided by re-strengthening the structure. Deformities in a structure is caused by following poor construction practices, increase in loads and design inadequacies. The following methods can be used to strengthen the structure providing desired strength

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For years, we have been a market leader in performing construction projects in the civil, commercial, and residential sector. We understand how crucial it is to perform a meticulous constructability study before commencing the execution of a project. Successful construction of a project requires a team of professionals possessing extensive knowledge of building materials, necessary equipment, and advanced technology to build a structure in
accordance to the construction drawings and plan specifications. We, at Wisdom Techseal Pvt. Ltd., have adequate knowledge and experience to make your dreams come true.

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Construction Management

Managing a construction project is not a simple task as un-expected painstaking challenges creates hindrance for timely execution. In order to satisfy the client demands, many construction companies have started utilizing the support of technology by upgrading their computers to the latest construction software and investing in the most equipped machinery.
Unfortunately, what the companies precisely need is a team of expert construction professionals who have worked on unique projects utilizing the available resources provided to them.

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Interior design

Having an alluring interior increases the value of a facility by making it visually appealing to the eyes of a general onlooker. In addition, it provides a satisfying feeling of living or working in an artistry palace to the users of the facility. Our competent staff understands the importance of binding the principles of construction management with creative intelligence to present an wonderful product at the end that meets the satisfaction of our clients.

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